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   Grade 3 Ballet Videos


Exercise 1 Exercise for Turnout

Exercise 2 Plie

Exercise 3 Battement Tendu

Exercise 4 Battement Glisse

Exercise 5 Rond De Jambe A Terre

Exercise 6 Preparation for Pirouette

Exercise 7A Grand Battement - Sideways to the Barre

Exercise 7B Grand Battement - Facing the Barre

Exercise 8 Developpe

Exercise 9 Attitude

Exercise 10 Petit Retire & Glisse

Exercise 11 Grand Battement en Cloche

Exercise 12 Releves on Demi Pointe (3/4 and 4/4 time)


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Class Theory

1. Can you demonstrate a Plié?

2. Does demi mean half or full?

3. Does plié mean bend or stretch?

4. Should the body remain straight in a Demi Plié?

5. Should the heels remain on the floor in a Demi Plié?

6. Demonstrate a Battement Tendu Devant

7. Does the toe leave the floor in a Battement Tendu?

8. What does Port de Bras mean?

9. Demonstrate 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th or 5th positions of arms

10. Can you demonstrate a Glissade Devant?

11. What does devant mean?

12. Should both feet point in a Glissade?

13. Do both toes remain on the floor in a Glissade in Grade 1?

14. Demonstrate a Petit Sauté

15. Does Petit mean large or small?

16. What does Sauté mean?

17. Is it important to finish in a demi plié when landing in Petit Sauté?

18. Should the feet be fully stretched when jumping in Petit Sauté?

19. Is the back heel down in Spring Points?

20. What does Reverence mean? 


Exercise 1 Battement Tendu

Exercise 2 Port De Bras

Exercise 3A Pirouette Exercise - Female

Exercise 3B Pirouette Exercise - Male

Exercise 4A Adage - Female

Exercise 4B Adage - Male

Exercise 5A Saute - Female

Exercise 5B Saute - Male

Exercise 6 Allegro 1

Exercise 7 Allegro 2

Exercise 8 Waltz Enchainment

Exercise 9A Port de Bras & Reverence - Female

Exercise 9B Port de Bras & Reverence - Male

Examination Theory - Grade 3 Classical Ballet

Each candidate will be asked to demonstrate/answer two questions during the examination. 

Question 1 - Candidates will be asked to demonstrate one piece of vocabulary from the list below which is from that grade or any previous grades. 

Demonstration Questions

1. Can you demonstrate a fondu?

2. Can you demonstrate 1st arabesque?

3. Can you demonstrate 2nd arabesque?

4. Can you demonstrate a relevé in 5th position?

5. Can you demonstrate 4th position of the arms?

6. Can you demonstrate a jeté derrière?

7. Can you demonstrate a pas de bourrée devant?

8. Can you demonstrate a pas de chat?

9. Can you demonstrate an échappé sauté to 2nd with a change of foot?

10. Can you demonstrate a glissade derrière? 

Question 2 - Candidates will be asked one set question from the following list.

Technical Section Questions.

1. What is the meaning of pas de chat?

2. What does assemblé mean?

3. How does a relevé commence and finish?

4. Can you describe the quality of the Waltz Enchaînement exercise?

5. How does the music time signature of 2/4 help the action in the Allegro 2 exercise?

6. What is meant by en l’air?

7. What words would you use to describe a pas de bourrée?

8. What is meant by a terre?

9. Can you describe how to keep your balance in an arabesque?

10. When does the foot leave the floor in a grand battement en cloche?

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