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Section 1 - Payment Policy

1. Registration and a two-week trial is £10.00.

2. Should there not be a place your name will be put on a waiting list until a place is available.

3. Monthly fee rates are due and payable from the 3rd week of attendance (the remainder of the month).

4. An additional charge of one month's fees is due as a deposit.

5. By request the deposit amount due can be split into two payments. This payment will be taken by debit card using the details supplied on registration. You will be always be informed before your card is charged.

6. For the next calendar month onwards fees payments will be processed automatically.

7. The payment should be set up between the 1st and 7th of the month and will be taken at the same time each month going forward.

8. Your place at the school is permanent.

9. Should you decide not to continue with your classes one month’s notice of termination is required. Once notice is given, fees may cease to be paid immediately and your deposit will be utilised during the notice period.

10. Fees not received within 7 days of the due date will be subject to a late penalty fee of £10.00 per week late. Please pay fees on time.

11. The term ‘fees’ includes monthly class fees, exam fees, show charges, costume payments or any payment where a due date is given.

12. Should fees become outstanding for two months or more, students will not be permitted to attend classes. This is especially important as Acrobatics fees include a charge for insurance.

13. There shall be no discount for non-attendance.

14. If anyone has a particular difficulty with the payment of fees please speak to me in confidence before fees are due.

15. Fees are calculated so that equal monthly amounts are payable. Fees are charged for 34 weeks each year. The school will be open for a minimum of 34 weeks per year, term time only with the exception of holiday clubs.

16. There are always more than 34 scheduled classes during an academic year. As a result if a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no reduction in fees unless the number of weeks open falls below 34 in that academic year.

17. If you are absent, payment of fees must still be made as your place is retained for you until notice of termination.

18. Students who are absent from class due to illness may attend additional timetabled classes on their return to make up for classes missed. This is providing there is a place available and classes are within their usual group of peers/ability level.


 Section 2 - Further Terms & Conditions



19. Dance Factory dancewear is mandatory for all Ballet, Tap & Modern dance classes.

20. 'Acro kit' is mandatory for all Acrobatics, Cheerleading, Freestyle or Street Dance classes.

21. Dance Factory T-shirts and black trousers/leggings are mandatory for all other classes. Please make sure your child wears the correct uniform and suitable shoes for physical activity.

22. Hair should be tied back in a bun or similar for all classes, french plaits are also acceptable. Hair decorations should match the uniform colours, preferably a simple bow.



23. Children will be enrolled into classes suitable for their age or skill level. Taking classes above this will be at the Principal's discretion.

24. Private tuition/Competition Solos/Duets etc are available to all students on request and are chargeable, all bookings must be made through the Principal. Please do not approach Dance Factory staff members as they have been instructed to send enquires directly to the Principal.

25. Dancers taking classes with Dance Factory staff outside the studio, without express permission from the Principal, will be removed from the school along with the staff member.

26. Students are not permitted, without express permission from the Principal, to attend any other dance or theatre school whilst attending Dance Factory. If the class to be taken is not offered by Dance Factory Studios please inform the Principal as a matter of courtesy so she can advise of any clashes or conflicts in training (this includes gymnastics).



27. The school cannot be held responsible for items lost or stolen on the premises.

28. Mobile phones must be switched off or silenced during class, unless a specific request has been made to keep it on. (Emergencies only)

29. Chewing gum is not allowed on the premises.

30. Eating in class is not permitted unless there is a break.

31. Drinks may be brought into class as long as they are brought in suitable containers (i.e. sports cap)

32. Please do not leave any rubbish behind and dispose of it in the bins provided.

Terms & Conditions

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